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StarSeries Dota 2: List of Talents

A team of well-known Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentators and analysts have already been formed and got ready to cover the decisive stage of SL i-League StarSeries that will run at the «Minsk Arena» stadium. 486e989cd3469cc259cd49039d5c078b We are pleased to inform you that the live broadcast of the StarSeries LAN Final matches will be carried out in the English, Russian and Chinese languages simultaneously from three parallel studios. Real masters of the craft will carefully analyze every single battle, while professional commentators will provide you a sea of positive emotions during the fights! starladder_dota_tv_RU_talents_RU++ A team of Russian Dota 2 commentators and analysts: Vitalii «v1lat» Volochai— commentator Roman «CaspeRRR» Lepokhin— commentator  Viktor «GodHunt» Volkov — commentator  Rustam «Adekvat» Mavliutov — commentator  Vladimir «Maelstorm» Kuzminov — commentator  Ivan «Faker» Demkin — host Yaroslav «NS» Kuznetsov — analyst  Sergey «Smile» Revin — analyst  Egor «Jotm» Surkov — analyst starladder_dota_tv_talents_m_eng A team of English Dota 2 commentators and analysts:  David «LD» Gorman — commentator  Owen «ODPixel» Davies — commentator  Jorien «Sheever» van der Heijden — host  David «GoDz» Parker — commentator/ analyst  David «Luminous» Zhang — commentator/ analyst  Litt Binn «WinteR» Chan — commentator/ analyst Anthony «Scant» Hodgson — commentator/ analyst  Bryan «Kpoptosis» Herren — commentator/ analyst