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dexter: "We will prepare for every single team as much as possible"

Right after Grayhound Gaming defeated TYLOO to qualify for StarLadder Major Berlin 2019, we interviewed the team’s captain, Chris "dexter"' Nong.

dexter CS:GO

dexter's Grayhound is through to
StarLadder Major Berlin 2019

Chris gave his thoughts on the final match against TYLOO, shared some details of how they want to prepare for the Major, and discussed his current style of leading.

Congratulations, you have qualified for the next Major! The first question is about your final match against TYLOO. Did you expect such a tough game?

Honestly, no, because of how shaky TYLOO have been on some maps against other teams. However, they definitely did their work on us. From what I felt, they made some research on us. They played extremely crazy and well.

This is the first time you've played against this iteration of the Chinese team as they just recently signed Freeman. Do you feel that something has changed, or TYLOO still do the same things with a loose style?

They are much smarter from what I’ve seen. There were a few rounds on every single map [of this final] where they had reads on us. They knew what we were doing and what were our next steps. This TYLOO was reading us like a book in certain rounds, the most crucial rounds as well. They read us, they positioned themselves very well, and they are very smart players compared to how crazy TYLOO were back in the days. 

The first step is done as you have qualified for the Major. How are you going to prepare for The New Challengers Stage?

Hopefully, we will have a bootcamp. We will talk to Xtrfy if they can provide us with a bootcamp again. It was awesome last time. We just want to have a bootcamp and to enjoy ourselves while we are here.

At the last Major, you lost all your matches and were eliminated while occupying the last place. How are you going to make a difference this time?

We will do our research a lot more. We have Neil "NeiL_M" Murphy, who is our coach. He will prepare us for each game. Last time [at IEM Katowice], we didn’t prepare before our games. We just guessed where players were, we were blindly going forward. This time, we will prepare for every single team as much as possible. We are not really going to counter-strat, but we need to have an idea of what they like to do, so we would come in and focus on that. Overall, we will have better preparation.

How did your preparation process change when you brought NeiL_M in?

When he brought him in, he basically helped us to look at the demos and assisted me with preparation so I didn’t have to spend all my time on it. With him, we just work everything out together. We talk about everything: how we want to play, what gaps we can use, and then, we just try to work with that. He is also just an awesome dude who hypes us up because we are usually a quiet team. Now, we are enjoying ourselves more and we are yelling a lot more. Overall, it’s a good feeling.

When I was interviewing Neil, he said that in the past your team was playing a heavily team-based style, while now you rely more on your individual skill. What can you say about that as the team’s captain?

For me at least, when I’m calling, I’m not really a good start-round caller. My thing is that I can call mid-round very well. I let my players do all they want with their individual skill and I make sure everyone is confident with what they do. I would never argue at any point if they want to try something, so I let them do that. I just call mid-round, it makes it a lot easier.

Wrapping it up, you have the chance to share a message for all people who are supporting you on your way to StarLadder Major Berlin 2019.

Right now, I’m just so happy. I love everyone, thanks for all the support. It means a lot. Even in Europe - everytime I’m on a DM server - everyone says to me "good luck" or so. Everyone is really nice and I just enjoy it. Thank you so much, guys!

dexter was interviewed by StarLadder's @EllanarkJesus