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Details of StarSeries i-League S7 GG.Bet Qualifiers

All twelve invitations to StarSeries i-League CS:GO S7 have reached their recipients. Now it’s time to define three more participants for the LAN-finals, and online StarSeries i-League S7 GG.Bet Qualifiers for teams from Europe, North America, and Asia will help us with that!

StarSeries i-League

The StarSeries i-League S7 GG.Bet European Qualifiers for the seventh season of StarSeries i-League will be running from 6 to 20 December. It will begin with sixteen teams from two regions, Europe and CIS competing within four GSL Bo3 groups for eight tickets to the Playoffs stage. 

Winners of the groups will advance to the Relegation Stage, where the first half of quarter-finalists will be determined. Another half of participants consists of previously invited Team LDLC, OpTic Gaming, AVANGAR, and Vega Squadron. The Playoffs will be hosted in Single Elimination bracket with Bo3 matches; only one ticket to StarSeries i-League S7 will be played off. 

Participants of the group stage

Group A   Group B
Windigo Gaming   Gambit Esports
Team Spirit   Sprout
Red Reserve   NoChance
DreamEaters   LAN DODGERS
Group C   Group D
Team Vitality
AGO Esports   3DMAX
Winstrike Team   Nemiga Gaming
Windigo Academy   pro100

The list of invited teams to the Playoffs

Team LDLC OpTic Gaming AVANGAR Vega Squadron

The StarSeries i-League S7 GG.Bet Qualifiers in North America will also start with the GSL group stage with Bo3 matches, but there will be less amount of teams than in the European division. Four strongest squads from the groups will go directly to the quarter-finals, where they will be joined by the likes of compLexity, Ghost, Luminosity, and eUnited. Only the winner of this qualifier earns the right to represent North America at StarSeries i-League S7. 

The Playoffs will be held in Single Elimination Bo3, just like in Europe. The qualifier in North America, including the group stage and the Playoffs, will be going on from 7 to 18 December.

Participants of the group stage

Group A   Group B
Rogue   Team Singularity
Spacestation Gaming   Team Envy   FURIA Esports
Team One   Mythic

The list of invited teams to the Playoffs

compLexity Ghost Luminosity eUnited

The StarSeries i-League S7 GG.Bet Qualifiers among teams from Asia will be organized by ImbaTV from 12 to 23 December. It is known that the qualifier includes the GSL groups with sixteen squads on board. The strongest half of them will fight in the Playoffs, Double Elimination for a spot at the LAN-finals. The names of invited lineups are to be revealed.

Distribution of the prize money for StarSeries i-League S7:

  • • 1st place — $250,000
  • • 2nd place — $80,000
  • • 3-4th place — $30,000
  • • 5-8th place — $15,000
  • • 9-11th place — $8,500
  • • 12-14th place — $5,500
  • • 15-16th place — $4,000

The LAN-finals of StarSeries i-League CS:GO S7 are scheduled for March 30 - April 7. The event will be taking place in Shanghai, China, offering $500,000 of the prize money. The list of participants with all the invited teams is shown below:

Team Liquid MiBR ENCE Esports BIG
Mousesports NRG Esports North Qualifier in Europe
Ninjas in Pyjamas Team Wild Natus Vincere Qualifier in North America
TyLoo FaZe Clan Fnatic Qualifier in Asia

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