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Details of closed qualifiers for StarLadder Minors 2019

Closed qualifiers are the last step towards the Minor tournaments for StarLadder Major 2019. They will kick off at the end of May and last until mid-June, covering all the competitive regions in CS:GO.

StarLadder Major

Unique team lists, each of sixteen lineups, are set to participate in the closed qualifiers in Europe, CIS, China, North and South America. On the other hand, Oceania, East Asia (EA), SEA, Central and South Africa (CSA), and MENA qualifiers are each to be held with eight squads in attendance. The first part of the spots will be filled by the winners of the open qualifiers, while the second one will be distributed through direct invitations.

Participating teams will fight to advance to the LAN finals of the Regional Minors, and in total, 32 tickets will be handed out (8 for each Minor).  

The full list of closed qualifiers:

  • Closed Qualification in SEA — May 22-24
  • Closed Qualification in MENA — May 24-26
  • Closed Qualification in CSA — May 26-28
  • Closed Qualification in East Asia — May 29-31
  • Closed Qualification in Oceania — June 1-3
  • Closed Qualification in South America — June 4-6
  • Closed Qualification in China — June 6-8
  • Closed Qualification in CIS — June 8-10
  • Closed Qualification in Europe — June 10-12
  • Closed Qualification in North America — June 12-14

Distribution of spots for the LAN-finals of StarLadder Minors

EU Minor CIS Minor Asia Minor Americas Minor
EU #1 CIS #1 China #1 NA #1
EU #2 CIS #2 China #2 NA #2
EU #3 CIS #3 East Asia NA #3
EU #4 CIS #4 CSA NA #4
EU #5 CIS #5 SEA NA #5
EU #6 CIS #6 MENA NA #6
EU #7 CIS #7 Oceania #1 SA #1
EU #8 CIS #8 Oceania #2 SA #2

The closed qualifiers for StarLadder Minors share the same system, according to which they will run, and that is Double Elimination. In this format, all matches are played in Best of 3.

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