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Dead_Angel’s Teams To Watch: PEL Phase 2 Week 7

By Ty Brody

With only 24 matches remaining, teams will feel the pressure during the final two weeks of Phase 2.

Алексей «Dead_Angel» Стрельцов, Aleksey "Dead_Angel" Streltsov

We selected three of these teams and asked Aleksey "Dead_Angel" Streltsov about why viewers should keep an eye on them. Regardless of their position on the leaderboard, every team has a vision for how they would like the final two weeks to proceed.

* * *

Ninjas in Pyjamas

The team didn’t appear quite like themselves during week 6, both literally and figuratively. Collecting an uncharacteristic 46 points across twelve matches, it was also announced that the team would be without their captain, Laurynas “NBS” Kisielius due to a medical emergency. Understandably, the team posted their lowest week point total of the phase with a replacement player. Thankfully it appears NBS is healthy and will return to action during a critical week for Ninjas in Pyjamas. “Dead_Angel” believes the competition has risen across the league, possibly leading to a tougher time for the team:

“Ninjas in Pyjamas uses grenades the most frequently in the league. This is already the calling card of the team. In the second phase, as the level of teams grew, it became more difficult for the guys to play, due to increased competition. Unfortunately for NiP, last week was the most difficult throughout the tournament.”

Ninjas in Pyjamas PUBG European League

The final two weeks of Phase 2 present a challenge for every team, but from NiP’s perspective, it's their goal to remain in contention for the fifth-place position. Last week, as the team struggled, the teams surrounding them on the leaderboard took a step forward. 

“Since NBS couldn't play due to health concerns, the team had to play with a stand-in. And still, we have to take into account that the closest rivals in standings have already found their game and are a step away from knocking them out of the first half. It seems like the upcoming two weeks are going to be pretty challenging for NiP,” said Dead_Angel.

Digital Athletics

Lingering in ninth-place, Digital Athletics compiled 57 points during week 6 to remain in the same position they entered. The team needs to add some consistency to their performance to climb up the leaderboard, as pointed out by Dead_Angel:

“Digital Athletics is a unique team because you never know what to expect from these guys. However, all of their rotations are usually obvious and simple. I don't know how, but they often find a way to occupy one of the central spots from the very start of the game, which significantly increases their chances of winning. They have developed an ability to feel the moment when it is necessary to show aggression, and when to just wait.”

Digital Athletics PUBG European League

Like most teams, an incorrect prediction on the next zone can prove to be fatal. However, Digital Athletics have proven to be a tough team to completely wipe out of the match. While it may not be a flashy way to earn them, the placement points gained while snaking into the late-game can be significant.

“Unfortunately, when the team doesn’t guess a circle and they have to rotate to a new zone, they often lose almost all the players. And this is where you can notice the uniqueness of the team, where the solo-player of DA survives until the 8th phase and earns a great number of points for the placement. Over the past two weeks, the team has managed to make headway in the standings. There is one last step left for Athletics to enter the top-8. They have definitely found their game.”


Following a solid performance last week, the team wishes to continue to improve during the final two weeks. Occasionally hurting themselves with their aggressive play, CrowCrowd has steadily become a better four-man team throughout the tournament.

“CrowCrowd struggled at the start of the phase. Likely due to the short amount of time to practice in the new lineup, it was hard to follow their game during the first weeks. But, those days are over. I am a fan of this team lately. Yes, it still happens for Anatoliy “SET” Khlevnoy to die during the first minutes of the game. Still, his role, as a scout, is crucial for the team and sometimes he has to suffer. They manage to get into the top-4 almost in every match and now they have finally begun to win matches.”

CrowCrowd PUBG European League

Through the great play of individual players, the team has now pulled together to play their best matches as of late. It will be interesting to follow the team during week 7, to see if the team can continue to improve:

“An excellent individual level of the game plus playing as a team is now contributing to great performance. The guys have become a real team. And it's obvious that they are not afraid of others. It is one of the most positive teams in the league. I believe that they have enough strength to squeeze the rest and to show what the teams from Eastern Europe are capable of.”

* * *

The PUBG European League will return on Friday, June 28 @ 18:00 CEST for week 7 of phase 2 at Be sure to follow the league on social media to keep up with all things PEL: