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CyberZen don't make it into Play-off

Having lost two matches, the Chinese team has to leave the group stage of the SL i-League StarSeries LAN Final. 1452716525.4314    In 15 minutes before the match teams chose a list of maps by the crossing method. After spinning a coin the teams in turn cross out maps from the list. The teams chose only one map out of three remaining ones, and the last map becomes decisive in case when the teams play the first two in a draw. Map drafting:
dust2 overpass train cbble inferno cache mirage


[16:07] de_inferno
[14:16] de_cache
[11:16] de_mirage
The first map, which was de_inferno, started with rapid taking of the pistol round by the Chinese team. Despite such a beginning, the guys from G2.Kinguin braced up and showed an excellent series of 4 rounds. CyberZen did manage to break the defense of the rival though and not only leveled the score, but took the lead [5:4]. Not having taken only one round after that, the Chinese team ended the first half with a 10:5 score in their favor. After the side switching the second pistol round and 4 following ones were taken by CyberZen. Playing the attack side, G2.Kinguin managed to implement only one point and were defeated with a 16:6 score. The next in turn was pick of G2.Kinguin de_cache. Having started on the attack side, CyberZen quite easily took the pistol round, but right after that went a fast series of response hits by the opponents [1:3]. Gamers2 were playing this map way better than the previous one, and managed to end the side in their favor [7:8]. The first four rounds of the second were taken by G2, but CyberZen made a comeback and brought the score to 12:11. None of the teams wanted to give up, but, having the 2 rounds advantage, G2.Kinguin became the winners of de_cache [14:16]. The third and decisive map was de_mirage. CyberZen, playing the defense side, implemented the first 2 rounds, but then did not manage to hold the lead. Their rivals were completely controlling the course of the game and ended the side with the double advantage [5:10]. After that side switching the Chinese team managed to take 3 rounds in a row, but then the game did not run well for them again. G2.Kinguin, having the 11:16 score, were victorious over CyberZen.