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cs_summit: Behind the scenes

The first cs_summit in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has reached the finish-line. Aside from spectacular matches, the chamionship's organizers have prepared for players a lot of activities, not letting them get bored. So what were the players and talent busy with in the free time, you will see in this set of publications. 

Don't you know that Scream has an excellent aim not only in CS? ;)
"When the coach says that a pose is imortant...". For those, who don't know, what we mean, watch the video below, see how jdm64 plays CS :)

During the tournament, SIXER had a b-day. Essentially, this fact wasn't ignored.

G2 didn't attend the tournament, but bodyy was following the tide of a contest and wrote a feedback: 
seized also shared his opinion:
Despite EnVyUs left the tournament too early, they managed to enjoy the views of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is amazing 💕💕 #LA

Публикация от Adil `ScreaM` Benrlitom (@screamdak1ng)

And if you still haven't seen a video by BeyondTheSummit with Mikhail Stolyarov, we reccommend you to watch it. Dosia X God is on top, as always!

A set of posters with the teams-participants from BeyondTheSummit.

And here are the champions — SK Gaming!