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CS:GO StarSeries: group stage teams’ seeding

Pretty soon kicks off the group stage at SL i-League CS:GO StarSeries S3, the teams are already getting ready for the tournament, while the viewers are preparing their tickets. And right now we are glad to announce all details of the tournament system and the teams seeding for the first round.  

The group stage of SL i-League CS:GO StarSeries S3 will be held in the Swiss system with the games up to the first win (Bo1). It means that in the first round all 16 teams will be divided into pairs, and then winners of the first matches will go on, facing the winners, while the losers will play against losers. The team, which gains 3 wins will secure a slot in the Playoffs, while the one, who gets 3 losses - will leave the tournament.

For a purpose of the first-round seeding, the teams were divided into 4 pools, with the pairs picked from the teams from 1st & 4th pools and 2nd & 3rd pools, so that in the first round the invited teams will face off against those, who passed through the qualifier:  

Pool #1 Pool #2 Pool #3 Pool #4
Natus Vincere North Fnatic CLG
Astralis Gambit G2.Esports 5POWER FaZe HellRaisers TyLoo
SK-Gaming Ninjas in Pyjamas Immortals MVP Project


Thus in the first group round will play the following pairs:

  •  Astralis -vs- CLG
  • -vs- MVP Project
  •  SK-Gaming -vs- TyLoo
  •  Natus Vincere -vs- 5POWER
  •  Ninjas in Pyjamas -vs- G2.Esports
  •  North -vs- Immortals
  •  FaZe -vs- HellRaisers
  •  Gambit -vs- Fnatic


The group stage of SL i-League CS:GO StarSeries S3 will be held from April 4-6. After its finish, 8 of the best teams will go on to the single-elimination bracket of the Playoffs, which should be passed  to reach the championship's final. All matches of the Playoffs and the final clash will be held up to two victories (Bo3).

The tournament’s winners, aside from the champion's title of the third season of StarSeries will get $125.000. A distribution of a prize pool of SL i-League CS:GO StarSeries S3 looks as follows:

  •  1 place - $125,000
  •  2 place - $50,000
  •  3 place - $25,000
  •  4 place - $25,000
  •  5-8 place - $10,000
  •  9-11 place - $6,000
  •  12-14 place - $4,000
  •  15-16  place - $2,500


All information about the tournament’s tide may be found on the official page, as well as on our Facebook-page. The records of matches will be available on our YouTube-channel.