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Confident Leap into the StarSeries CS:GO LAN Final

The well-known Swedish  Fnatic team is definitely one of the favorites of the current season. These boys have many titles from any and all tournaments behind them, including the gold medal of StarSeries. They are thought to be one of the most stable and strongest teams world-wide for a reason, the squad regularly manages to beat such top teams as  Team EnVyUs and  TSM. During the online stage of SL i-League StarSeries the Fnatic players did away with all the opponents, having lost only one map to the Danes from  Dignitas. Fnatic's lineup:  Dennis «dennis» Edman  Olof «olofm» Kajbjer  Robin «flusha» Rönnquist  Jespe r«jw» Wecksell  Freddy «KRiMZ» Johansson

Fnatic are the champions of SLTV StarSeries Season X

 G2.Kinguin are bronze medalists of the recent world championship according to DreamHack Cluj-Napoca, who will perfectly fill up the participants list of the StarSeries LAN Final in Minsk. It is noteworthy that the changes in Fnatic's roster have directly touched young and ambitious G2.Kinguin team. The European mix had to find an alternative to Dennis «dennis» Edman, who had decided to turn to the black and orange banners. The gap in the roster was properly filled by Danish player Philip «aizy» Aistrup, thanks largely to whom, the five managed to take the second place in the first group stage and beat their eternal rivals in the name of  TSM and  dignitas.

aizy is a worthy alternative in the G2 roster

G2.Kinguin's lineup:  Ricardo «foxj» Pacheco  Микаил «Maikelele» Билл Mikail Bill  Joakim «jkaem» Myrbostad  Philip «aizy» Aistrup Christopher «MUTiRiS» Fernandes

Let us recall that you will be able to watch the performance of the strongest CS:GO teams from 15-17 January 2016 in main stadium of the capital of Belarus Minsk Arena. The tickers are already on offer.

Current list of participants of the SL i-League StarSeries LAN Final in Minsk

(list is being updated)

   Dota 2    CS:GO
  • Evil Geniuses
  • coL
  • LGD
  •  Alliance
  •  Vega
  •  Team Spirit (ex-CIS Rejects)
  • my Fnatic
  • TBA (Europe)
  • TBA (invited by the organizers)
  • TBA (invited by the organizers)
  • Fnatic
  • G2
  •  Na`Vi
  •  TITAN
  • TBA (Europe)
  • TBA (America)
  • TBA (America)
  • TBA (China)