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Clear victory of and Na'Vi's loss

Matches of the first gaming-day within PGL Major Krakow 2017 have reached the end, so now it's high time to sum up. This day was marked with the victory of Gambit and BIG, as well as with equal gaming by Natus Vincere and G2.

The final table of the first match-day 

The first day of the Major in Krakow was set off with a match between Gambit and mousesports, victory in which was secured by Zeus and company 16-10.

Following Gambit, the upper hand was gained by fnatic, who dealt with FlipSid3 [16:13], while eased past Vega Squadron [16:2]. 

The first points at PGL Major Krakow 2017 were also secured by SK (16-13 vs PENTA), BIG (16-8 vs FaZe), Cloud9 (16-12 vs North), G2 (16-14 vs Na'Vi) and Astralis ( 19-17 vs Immortals).

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