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CIS Minor: VwS lost out to ALLIN

The winners of by-past matches — VwS и ALLIN — were fighting for an advance to the stage of Playoffs within CIS Minor. We'd like to remind you that the Lithuanians overpowered RoX, while the Russians prevailed over EYESports.


VwS failed to cope with the opponents' onslaught

The teams entered a fight on de_cache. The Russian squad gained the upper hand in the first three rounds, after what the Lithuanians managed to break up the shutout [1:3]. At this point, ALLIN, not losing grip, went on, increasing their advantage. In the first half, VwS found a way to stop the aggressive side three more times, thus going for a switch-over with [4:11].

CT-sided, the Lithuanian squad picked up two rounds in a row, but the Russian teams has immediately retaken the control back to their hands. ALLIN gained the sufficient number of points and secured a victory in this countering [16:6].


You will be able to witness the clashes among your favorite teams with your own eyes on November 12-13 within the festival of esports, cosplay and computer games Game Planet.