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CIS Minor: VwS dealt with QB.Fire

The final match-day within Regional Minor Championship: CIS was set off with a final of the Playoffs' Lower Bracket, in which VwS Gaming played against QB.Fire.


VwS Gaming will fight for a ticket to Atlanta

The match was held on de_train. VwS picked up the pistol-round and anti-eco, but a victory in the device-one was still secured by QB [2:1]. The Lithuanians prevailed in a few following rounds, but then QB.Fire reduced the backlog to a minimal one [5:4]. VwS increased the gap to [7:4] and the Russian squad took a tactical pause. The break didn't work in for Quantum Bellator, as VwS Gaming haven't lost a single round more for the first half [11:4].

Being defeated in two rounds after the changeover, VwS responded with a victorious gun-round [12:6]. A step away from the match-point, the Lithuanian five lost out two more points [14:8]. QB.Fire failed to get back on track, performing a comeback, so VwS Gaming won de_train with [16:9].


VwS Gaming go to the Consolidation Final, where they will fight against the loser of a duo Team Spirit vs ALL-IN for the second ticket to ELEAGUE Major 2017: Main Qualifier. QB.Fire take the fourth place and stop their participation at the tournament.