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CIS Minor: Tengri outscored QBF

After the victory of Spirit over zARLANS in the first match of Group «B», was held a game between Quantum Bellator Fire and Tengri.


Tengri starts the performance at the tournament with a victory

The clash was held on de_mirage. Prevailing in the starting rounds, Tengri lost the first device-one, but, thanks to the triple-kill by dastan, managed to realize a buy in response [4:1]. The Kazakhs went on, repulsing the attacks of QBF, that let them gain an enormous advantage. During the first half, Quantum Bellator Fire managed to pick up three rounds more, finishing the performance for an attack with four points on their board [11:4].

After a break, the Russian team secured the second pistol-round and two anti-eco's, however was defeated in the gun-round [12:7]. Having strengthened the defense, QBF managed to reduce the backlog to two points [12:10]. During a tough game, Quantum Bellator Fire managed to reach the rivals as close as possible [15:14]. However, eventually, Tengri have punched through the B-plant again and withstood the retake by QBF, finishing the match at [16:14] in their favor.


Tengri are going forward to the finals of the Upper Bracket within Group «B», where they will face Team Spirit for an advance to the Playoffs. In turn, Quantum Bellator Fire will have to play against zARLANS in the elimination-match, held tomorrow. 

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