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CIS Minor: Team Spirit smashed zARLANS

In the opening match of Group «B» within the final part of Regional Minor Championship: CIS have met zARLANS and Team Spirit.

Team Spirit in one step away from the Playoffs

The clash was held on de_cache. The Kazakhs overpowered Spirit in the pistol-round, but, thanks to the efforts of COLDYY1 and kibaken, the Russian roster picked up the «force» [1:1]. Spirit seized the following five rounds, building a strong economy [6:1]. At the score of [8:2], zARLANS took a tactical pause, which made no use for the Kazakh five, so Team Spirit secured a crushing victory in the first half [13:2].

After a changeover, the Kazakhs have overwhelmed the opponents in the pistol-round, but there was no way for a comeback — Team Spirit picked up the last three rounds and finished the map with a score of [16:3].


Team Spirit will play in the winner's final, while zARLANS will fight in the elimination-game with the loser of the duo Tengri vs Quantum Bellator Fire. We'd like to remind you that already tomorrow kicks off the festival of esports, cosplay and computer games Game Planet, within which will be held the crucial matches of the CIS Minor.