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CIS Minor: Team Spirit prevailed over VwS

Matches of the Playoffs' stage have kicked off with a countering between Team Spirit and VwS. Let us remind you that the Russian squad passed the group stage, remaining undefeated and secured the honorable first place among their group. The Lithuanians, in turn, failed to deal with ALLIN, but still managed to bounce back in a match against RoX.


Russian squad prevailed over the rivals

At first the teams were fighting on de_dust2. Despite the failed pistol-round, Team Spirit managed to get back on track in the following round, thus setting off a winning run, which lasted up to [11:1]. VwS managed to stop the rivals' attack just for two times more and the first half was finished at [12:3] to a benefit of the Russians.

The switch-over didn't affect the match's tide. Team Spirit gained the sufficient number of points and, leaving the opponents without a single chance, gained the upper hand on the first map.


The Lithuanians were defeated 

After a break, the game was resumed on de_overpass — a pick of VwS. The Lithuanian squad prevailed in the pistol-round, but Team Spirit still managed to realize a «force-buy», then even outscoring the rivals. In a further game, VwS strengthened the positions and went on, reducing the score-gap. The Russian roster happened to be a little bit stronger, thus going for a changeover, leading the game [9:6].

Playing for the T-side, the Lithuanians didn't lose heads and overwhelmed opponents in the pistol's. Spirit allowed a great number of mistakes, which were successfully used by the enemy. After a few rounds, the score stopped at [14:14]. During the main-time, teams were unable to decide the winner, so the match was resumed in the overtimes [15:15]. During add-rounds, the Russian squad proved to be stronger, drawing a line under the countering on the second map [19:16].


The next rival of Spirit will be decided by the outcome of countering ALLIN vs QB.Fire, which will start in a few minutes. Watch the stream on our twitch-channel!