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CIS Minor: Spirit will head for Saint Petersburg

In the match for an advance to the LAN-finals we've had a chance to take a look at a clash between Team Spirit and ANOX. We'd like to remind you that the Russians prevailed over VwS, while the Belarusians defeated Faith Unity.

At first, the teams met on de_cobblestone. Spirit picked up three rounds at a run, but ANOX still managed to win the device one. Profiting by the opponent's mistakes, the Russians were punching through the enemy's defense at every turn, so, at the end of the first half, they managed to gain an advantage of 5 points [10:5].


Team Spirit dealt with Anox

Having changed the side, Team Spirit went on gaining points and, leaving the opponent without a single chance, gained the upper hand on the first map [16:5].

The stand-off was resumed on de_dust2. The Belarusian squad made it with an imperious start, overpowering the rival in seven rounds at a run. Then Spirit retook the initiative and, over time, managed to cut down the backlog. Nevertheless, the first half was put on the board of Anox [9:6].

Having braced up, the Russian squad managed to perform a range of victorious rounds, leveling the game at [10:10]. After that, Team Spirit outscored the opponent and paragraphed the battle on Dust2 [16:12].


ANOX move down to the Lower Bracket, where they will face VwS in a fight for the second slot to the LAN-finals of the CIS Minor.

A final stage of the tournament will be held within the Game Planet — a festival of esports, computer games and cosplay, taking place on November 12-13 in Saint Petersburg.