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CIS Minor: s4s get a ticket to the LAN-finals

The winners of starting matches — s4s and Preparation — were fighting for a right to stand for their team at the LAN-finals of the CIS Minor.


hooch's team dealt with the opponent 

The first map of the countering was chosen to be de_overpass. The arch's squad made it with an imperious start, picking up six rounds at a run. Then s4s broke up the shutout, but Preparation, not losing hearts and heads, went on, gaining points. Despite all the efforts of s4s, the lead in the first half was taken by Preparation [10:5].

Having swapped the sides, Preparation secured the pistol's and following rounds. Over time, the team under hooch's guidance managed to temporarily tie the score, eventually triumphing on the rival's pick [16:13].

After a break, the game was resumed on de_train. Up from the very beginning, Preparation were shining with a high-class game, thus finishing the first half with a crushing score of [13:2].


Preparation were defeated

CT-sided, s4s made an incredible comeback, taking away the backlog [13:13], however, their efforts happened to be insufficient for the ultimate victory. [16:14] and the second map was picked up by Preparation.

The winner of the stand-off was decided on de_mirage. During all the first half, a control over the game's tide was constantly changing the holder, but the leadership was still secured by the spaze's team [8:7].

Within the second half, the tense game went on. s4s have well-timely adjusted to the enemy's game-style and found a way to finish the clash with a small advantage of [16:14].


We’d like to remind you that the LAN-finals of the CIS Minor will be held in Saint Petersburg within the festival Game Planet.

Game Planet — the festival of esports, computer games and cosplay, taking place on November 12-13 in Saint Petersburg.