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CIS Minor: QB.Fire go to Saint Petersburg

The final match of the current gaming-day was held between Enso and Quantum Bellator Fire.

A choice of the Russian team fell on de_nuke. At first, the teams have swapped the rounds for two times, but then QB.Fire moved ahead. At the mark of [9:2], the Ukrainians managed to stop the rival's attack, gaining two points. Nevertheless, the upper hand in the first half was still taken by Quantum Bellator Fire [11:4].


Quantum Bellator Fire overpowered the rival

Having changed te side, Enso tried to cut down the backlog, picking up five rounds at a run. Despite this, the Russian squad managed to strengthen the positions and brought the game to its logical conclusion [16:9].

After a break, the match was resumed on de_dust2. Up from the very beginning, QB.Fire was showing an excellent game. Round and round again were being put on a board of the Russian team, which finished the side with a score of [11:4] in their favor.

The second pistol's and following four rounds were picked up by Enso. Despite the fact that the Ukrainians were pretty good for the CT-side, the victory slimed out of their grip. Quantum Bellator Fire started a winning streak, which lasted up to the end of the match, and eventually gained the upper hand in the countering with [16:13].


A final stage of the tournament will be held within the Game Planet — a festival of esports, computer games and cosplay, taking place on November 12-13 in Saint Petersburg.

Matches within Group «С» will kick off on November 1st. Stay tuned to, to be always kept up-to-date.