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CIS Minor: LAN-finals' seeding and schedule

A start of the final part of StarLadder Minor Championship: CIS is coming nearer with each passing day. The eight teams, who were lucky enough to pass the tournament's online-part, will enter a fight for 2 tickets to the closed qualifiers for ELEAGUE Major 2017, as well as for a prize pool of $50,000.


The squad of Dmitry Bogdanov will play for a ticket to the ELEAGUE Major: Closed Qualifier

Participants of the LAN-finals within CIS Minor were divided into two groups, 4 teams in each. The group stage will be held by the Double Elimination system, in the Best of 1 match's format. To the Playoffs will advance four of the strongest rosters, who will also play by the Double Elimination system, but in the format of Best of 3.

Group «А» Group «B»
 TORNADO ROX (ex-s4s)  Team Spirit
 ALLIN  Tengri
  The schedule of matches: *by the local time
11.11.16 Day First
12:00  TORNADO ROX vs    VwS  ВO1 (M1)
13:15  ALLIN  vs  EYESPORTS  ВО1 (M2)
14:30 M1 Winner vs M2 Winner  ВО1 (M3)
15:45 M1  Loser   vs M2 Loser  ВО1 (M4)
17:00  zARLANS    vs    Team Spirit  ВО1 (M5)
18:15  QB.Fire    vs    Tengri  ВО1 (M6)
19:30 M5 Winner   vs   M6 Winner  ВО1 (M7)
20:45 M5  Loser   vs   M6  Loser  ВO1 (M8)
12.11.16 Day Second
12:00 M4 Winner vs M3 Loser ВO1 (M9)
13:15 M8 Winner vs M7 Loser  ВО1 (M10)
14:30 Play-off M1 ВО3
17:30 Play-off M2 ВО3
13.11.16 Day Third
12:00 Play-off M4 ВO1
13:15 Play-off M3 ВО3
16:15 Play-off M5 ВО1
17:30 Play-off M6 ВО3

We'd like to remind you that a crucial stage of the Regional Minor Championship: CIS will take place from November 11-13 in Saint Petersburg, within the confines of the Game Planet festival. Here you can discover the expected line-ups.

A prize pool distribution:
  • 1st place – $30 000 + slot in the ELEAGUE Major: Closed Qualifier
  • 2nd place – $15 000 + slot in the ELEAGUE Major: Closed Qualifier
  • 3rd place– $5 000

Game Planet — the festival of esports, computer games and cosplay, taking place on November 12-13 in Saint Petersburg.