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CIS Minor: First victory for Preparation

The last match-day within the confines of the online-quals of CIS Minor kicked off with a countering between Preparation and zARLANS.


Preparation secured the first victory at the CIS Minor

The battlefield was chosen to be de_mirage. The game started with a winning rounds for the Kazakh squad, however, the Russians have found the way around and leveled the score at [3:3]. After a temporary draw, the players from zARLANS switched off, letting the rivals move ahead, so Preparation went for a changeover with a double advantage [10:5].

Picking up the second pistol-round, the Kazakhs took control back to their hands and soon cut down the backlog [10:10]. Despite this, the Russian squad eventually managed to brace up and gained the upper hand in the stand-off [16:10].


We'd like to remind you that the LAN-finals of the CIS Minor will be held in Saint Petersburg within the festival Game Planet.

Game Planet — the festival of esports, computer games and cosplay, taking place on November 12-13 in Saint Petersburg.