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CIS Minor: ANOX stopped a step away from the victory

In the final match of Group «А» was decided the VwS & ANOX's destiny on the tournament, as they were playing for a ticket to the LAN-finals of the CIS Minor.

The game was kicked off on de_overpass — a pick of the team ANOX. The first four rounds were put on the board of the Belarusian squad, but then the Lithuanians managed to pick up the gun-round. CyberFocus & company have immediately retaken the control back to their hands and started increasing an advantage, so the first half was eventually finished in their favor [9:6].

Having changed the side, players from VwS were intended to withstand the rivals, but their efforts happened to be insufficient. Despite the victorious pistol-round and two gun's, the Lithuanians failed to cope with the onslaught of the T-side and were defeated on the first map [16:9].


The Belarusians failed to deal with the rivals

After a small break, the meeting was resumed on de_mirage. At first, teams have swapped the rounds, but then VwS outscored the rival. In the first half ANOX managed to gain only four points [4:11].

CT-sided, the team from Lithuania lost out only two rounds and, eventually, secured the victory on their pick [16:6].

The decider-map was chosen to be de_train. VwS realized a range of five victorious rounds, but then the Belarusians found a way to break up the shutout. The players from ANOX failed to show a strong enough game for the CT-side, so, in the first half, the lead was taken by the Lithuanians [10:5].

The team from Belarus didn't manage to turn the game's tide and, after the switch-over, VwS came victorious in six rounds at a run and gained the upper hand in this countering [16:5].


A final stage of the tournament will be held within the Game Planet — a festival of esports, computer games and cosplay, taking place on November 12-13 in Saint Petersburg.

Matches of the online-quals for StarLadder Minor Championship: CIS will go on tomorrow. Follow the latest news on our site.