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CIS Minor: ALLIN dealt with EYESports

A countering within Group «А» was resumed in a battle between ALLIN and EYESports. The teams were fighting on the map de_dust2.


chopper & company prevailed over the rivals

ALLIN made it with an imperious start, realizing a winning run of six rounds. EYESports still managed to withstand the enemy's onslaught, but the opposing side has immediately retook the control back to their hands and went on increasing the score-gap. Due to the confident actions for the T-side, ALLIN secured the victory in the first half with a crushing score of [13:2].

T-sided, EYESports tried to turn the meeting's tide, but eventually managed to put on their board only three points. At the score of [16:6], ALLIN outscored the rivals on Dust 2, advancing to the finals of the Upper Bracket within Group «А».


In the next match will meet VwS and ALLIN. The game's stream will be held on StarLadder_cs_en.