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CemaTheSlayer: “All organizations offer unfavorable conditions”

Semion "CemaTheSlayer" Krivulya is the captain of the team NoPangolier, as well as the IGL of the Team Ukraine Yellow. After winning the WESG 2018-2019 Ukraine Qualifiers, we had a small talk with Semion about how he managed to find their own play-style in the patch and about the freedom that a stack gives for NoPangolier.

When you have finally reached the Major, what were the emotions?
Everyone was glad. We beat Virtus.Pro, which is impossible for most CIS-teams. We then went to relax somewhere.

In an interview, Zayac says: "In a stack, you feel freer". Is your opinion the same or different?
I think everyone feels free. Of course, over time, some problems may come to light, but we always solve them. Therefore, we are still good.

You used to play in the organization before. Would you like to return to some organization or stay in this team?
More likely no than yes. All organizations offer unfavorable conditions that are beneficial only for themselves.

Is it more convenient for you to play as a team without any “banners”?
Yes. What organizations provide, we can provide for ourselves.

Have you already received offers?
Yes, but we have refused them all.

“In stacks, if someone doesn't like something, he immediately leaves. If players don't want to play - no one holds them”. Do you share this opinion?
I think yes. In principle, something like this was in Odium: we tried a thing, it didn't work out and we parted ways.

Now that you have already succeeded as a squad. What do you think, from what moment does a team get responsibility to other people and it’s not so easy to leave?
When you play on the LAN’s, you prove yourself, you have an audience. The better you play, the greater the responsibility. People will already expect some results like you are at the top-16 of Major.

You're talking about fans now, but what about your teammates?
You always expect to have a good game with your teammate. If he plays poorly - you just try to play even better so that it is not noticeable and you still win.

If, for example, a team popular among the viewers wants to replace a player, can you keep this player because of the fans?
No. No one will do this just for the fans. If people decide to make a replacement - they will make it. Nothing depends on the fans.

So, in a stack, are you always free, even if it gets its own audience?
And in the team you are also free. If there are no results and you constantly can't correct any errors, it is clear that the changes are needed.

Ghostik said that you do not need a coach as for now. But you have one at WESG. At what stage did you feel the need? Will you need it in the NoPangolier team?
We don't know yet. Perhaps we'll think about it, depending on the results of the Major. At WESG’s we don’t know what to pick, I can't pick without Ghostik in the team, so we decided to take a coach.

How is it to play against Ghostik?
Very easy.

So he helps you more with the drafts?
He is responsible for the morality of the cores.

Speaking of WESG, there are just two of you in the team at the tournament and you play against each other. Just a few days after that, you started the next tournament, did you have enough time to prepare for the Major?
Yes, from December 27th we have already started playing tournaments and scrims up to the major. Then we will gather for the bootcamp in early January.

What are your general forecasts for the Minor? Who claims to win?
I will be cheering for Gambit. Although OG is there... One good friend of mine, Vasya [AfterLife] and +1 play in Gambit, but I can't name him - there was no announcement yet. [Immersion and fng have joined Gambit]

You have already played at WESG and practiced a lot. Had time to try the patch?
I think yes. We were among of the first ones to test the patch and its main features. In the last match, Team Spirit showed that they had already tested more tricks. Therefore, we will test it further.

And you, when being very first ones, managed to find the tricks against Virtus.Pro, was it intuitively, at random? Or did you analyze it somehow?
There was a trick that Phantom Assassin is very strong and we were defeated by Team Spirit, who took it in the second phase. And we decided to take it in the first and eventually on the last map of the qualifiers we picked it on FP. And after that, everyone began to pick it on FP.

Are there any tricks for the upcoming Major already?
Not yet, we will definitely increase the pool and try to find some abuse combinations of heroes.

How have the drafts and bundles been changed after the patch? Are there any insta-bans or insta-picks?
PA was fixed a little, but the Beastmaster is now very strong and can't be given away. Perhaps Magnus, if the team plays well with him.

Many were waiting for the nerf of PA, do you think it has had enough?
I think now it can not be taken on FP. But it's still a good hero.

What heroes do you recommend to play in pubs after the last patch? 
I do not recommend playing in pubs at all. A pub is not the Dota.

And what is the Dota?

Only competitive?

How should a solo player train then? Through tears and pain?
Play the Battle of Mirkwood [a custom game in the Battle Royale mode, which is a fairly large forest maze].

Have you ever been to China?
Yes, many times. Around four times.

And in Chongqing?
In Chongqing, no.

Do you know anything about Chongqing? Looked up what the city looks like?
Watched a bit. There is a zoo with all sorts of pandas that I want to visit.

Do you like pandas?
I do not know, have not decided yet.

Have you seen them live?
I saw Vasya, but I did not see the pandas.

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