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CatZ won StarCraft II qualifier in Peru

Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra, 31-years-old Zerg player has won the online qualifier in Peru and will represent his country at WESG 2016 Americas Qualifiers Finals, which will be held in California from February 1 to 4.

Screenshot from interview, IGN

Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra was a long time StarCraft: Brood War player. Teaming with Drewbie in 2v2 on iCCup they achieved an A rating. With the release of StarCraft II he has focused primarily on 1v1.

CatZ is known as a player with a very eclectic playstyle. Sometimes compared to TLO, CatZ has been known to engage in a variety of odd builds, including but not limited to early hatches in the opponent's main, pulling off half the starting workers as harassing units, and dropping Ultralisks into enemy mineral lines.