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Broke out a new scandal around the line-up of TyLoo in CS:GO

Just in a few days before the start of WESG 2016 Grand Final presented by Alipay, the Chinese organization TyLoo was involved in a scandal, following the outcome of which, three players and the coach left the team.

The management of the team fired YuanZhang «AttackeR» Sheng, YuLun «fancy1» Cai, and QiFang «Karsa» Su. The reason was that they contacted the players from other teams, with a purpose to carry a reshuffle on the Chinese scene. In turn, HaoWen «somebody» Xu is currently under the suspicion that he was involved in these negotiations. However, at the moment, there is no statement that somebody left or was fired from the organization.

fancy1 was kicked from TyLoo

However, the problems of displaced players haven’t been finished at this point. The representatives of TyLoo contacted the events’ organizers and managed to get the ban for AttackeR’а, fancy1, Karsa and somebody on participation in the tournaments by WCA, Pro Gamer League, ESL and WESG.

The players deny their guilt and told the community that they hadn’t even signed the contracts with the organization. More detailed about this you can read in the joint claim for

«First of all, the players never actually had a contract in writing with TyLoo. The organization promised that the players would have the same basic salary for every single player but they failed their promise. DD, and fancy1 were later offered more salary but were told to not tell this to other teammates. DD accepted, fancy1 refused.

This caused resentment for attacker, somebody, and karsa. The organization didn’t keep their promise to pay everyone the same salary so players decided to leave. Then TyLoo made an alliance with the event organizers to ban the players».

AttackeR, fancy1, somebody and Karsa promised that on January 11 they will bring to light more details about this case, for

Despite all these changes, TyLoo will play at WESG 2016 Grand Final presented by Alipay. The Chinese squad will perform with three stand-in’s in Group «D», accompanying Team Ukraine, Dark Passage, Selfless Gaming, QuetzaL and JYP, and their line-up will look as follows:

— Ke «Mo» Liu

— Hui «DD» Wu

— Zhen «HZ» Huang

— LiKan «ryk» Luo

— Lei «bottle» Mao

UPD. The management of TyLoo commented this situation in the announcement for, stating that the players had signed contracts and were kicked due to the deterioration of the relations in the team and with organization.

«Since TYLOO CSGO team returned to China after the E-League Major Qualifier, team coach Qifang Su (Karsa) and player Yulun Cai (fancy1) have been contacting with other organization, while still in the contract period, and also persuaded teammates to join the other organisation. The behavior has not only damaged the good relationship with the company, but also stimulated internal conflicts in the team.

After serious consultations, the company has make the following decisions:

1. Discharges Qifang Su’s (Karsa) position as team coach.

2. Yulun Cai (fancy1) and Yuanzhang Sheng (AttackeR) into inactive status, banned to represent TYLOO participating any events.

3. Haowen Xu (somebody) into suspension».

Besides, it has transpired that recently AttackeR signed a new contract with TyLoo, the currency of which will end in April 2019. In turn, the contracts of fancy1 and somebody weren’t extended and their validity period will finish in February 2017. The ban for players that forbid them to play in the tournaments by ESL, WESG, WCA and Pro Gamer League, will be removed only after the conflict resolution.