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Blizzard announced news cards of the upcoming expansion Journey to Un'Goro

Before the start of the second match-day within Hearthstone Winter Championship 2017, Blizzard company brought to light some new cards from the upcoming expansion, which, according to the rumors, will be available on April 6th already.

Along with the new expansion, is coming a huge rotation of the cards, as the ones from Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament and League of Explorers will leave the Standard format, which is competitive at all the tournaments.

A new Paladin class-card, Lost in the Jungle, is a spell, which invokes two Paladin's Recruits 1-1 for 1 point of mana. Straightway is traced a synergy with the Knife Juggler, however this spell has quite narrow specialization: it's suits only for an early game.

Also was shown a new weapon for Warrior - Molten Blade. As soon as this weapon is placed in your arm, each move it turns into a casual weapon from the game and you can equaip it in the moment, when you will wish to. Basing on the statistics, there is a much bigger number of good knives than of the bad ones, so you can always find one place for this card.

A new epic creature, Gluttonous Ooze, an analog of the Acidic Swamp Ooze - a new variant to destroy the opponent's weapon. The creature has standard characteristics for it's mana-cost with a wonderful protective effect: you break the opponent's weapon and get a great number of the armour, even to the amount of the broken weapon's attack. This card would perfectly fit the current metagame and, in general, is good against the "big" weapon. Against the less aggressive variations, the players will prefer the old Acidic Swamp Ooze.

A new spell on the Warlock, Corrupting Mist, is the improved version of the existing spell "Corruption". For 2 points of mana, you cast a spell on all the creatures on the table. At the beginning of the next move, these creatures will die.

A new class creature of the Priest - Mirage Caller. This creature, entering the gaming desk, calls the copy of a friendly creature with the characteristics 1-1. This card - quite a strong effect, so all its characteristics are pretty low for 3 points of mana. However, many cards, the copies of which a player wants to see on the table, as the Ragnaros or the Sylvanas Windrunner, leave the Standard format, so the use of this map is getting lower.

It's a long time since Blizzard decided to create a working archetype of the Secret Mage. Today we were presented a one secret more, an effect of which is really unique. When your opponent plays a spell, you copy this spell to your arm and it costs a 0 points of mana. This card is in synergy with the map, shown before: Arcanologist takes the secret from your deck. This card may be quite a formidable weapon, which leaves the opponent in a stalemate.

Living mana - a new Druid's spell may be a great expansion for the forgotten deck of the Token Druid. For 5 points of mana you turn all your mana crystals to the 2-2 creatures, which, after their death will come back again as a mana crystal.

A new class creature of the Rogue - Vilespine Slayer. This creature has an extremely small characteristics for its value, but for 5 points of mana it can kill a creature, if you have alreday played this card in this move.

With the last expansion, the class of Hunter become the least popular. That is why a new mission of the Hunter was to became a real star of the presentation. A new legendary spell, The Marsh Queen, a card with a new mechanics of the task. Playing 7 creatures for 1 point of mana each, you will be awarded with Queen Carnassa - a creature, amounted to 5 points of mana with the incredible characteristics of 8-8. But it's not the end. Playing the award, Queen Carnassa brings to your deck 15 raptors, 1 point of mana each and, entering the table, will give you one card more from your deck. Thus, the resources of the Hunter will be almost inexhaustible.

We are looking forward to see some new incredible presentations of the cards from Blizzard. "Journey to Un'Goro" is an important expansion, which includes 135 new cards and will dramatically change the tide of events in the metagame.