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Binary Dragons & Quest pass on

Today the Binary Dragons and eXplosive teams got a chance to open the match day. Having lost yesterday's matches, the teams went to the lower bracket to fight for a chance to reach the next stage. PyRl_XdCITI


[16:14] de_mirage

The battleground for this match was de_mirage. The first pistol round ended in Binary Dragons' favor, but the Ukrainian team rapidly struck back. Thanks to the confidant play on the attack side, eXplosive took 6 points in a row. Having taken the pause, the Russian team managed to brace up and put up a strong resistance [4:7]. Nevertheless, the eXplosive players did not lose the competitive spirit and returned the initiative [4:8]. Having a will to close the gap, Binary Dragons managed to adjust to the game of the rival and ended the half with a [7:8] score in the Ukrainians' favor.


The second pistol round and following 2 ones were taken by eXplosive. Their rivals demonstrated the considered play on the attack side and went to the temporary draw [12:12], after which they continued to take points. Although eXplosive managed to take 2 more rounds, they did not manage to win the first match of this match day [16:14].



[14:16] de_mirage

The next in turn was de_mirage, which such teams as Fluffy Gangsters and Quest were fighting on. Having started on the defense side, Fluffy Gangsters managed to take the first 2 rounds, but their opponents immediately leveled the score. Not willing to let Quest come further, the players of the defense side put all strength together and held the lead on the map [4:2]. Having lost only two rounds, they continued the winning streak and ended the half with a [6:9] in their favor.


Playing the attack side, Fluffy Gangsters started to close the gap rather fast and rapidly leveled the score [9:9]. Both teams were fighting equally, so when one of them came forward, another one immediately struck back. After a quite intensive fight, Quest got a victory with a [14:16] score.