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Astralis prevail over Na’Vi to win BLAST Pro Series: Lisbon

Natus Vincere have failed to defend their championship title of BLAST Pro Series! The Danish five of Astralis has defeated Na’Vi in the final match 2-1 and became the winner of the Lisbon event.

Astralis win BLAST Pro Series

Astralis won their 10th event in 2018
after becoming the champions of BLAST Pro Series: Lisbon 

The match kicked off on Overpass, which was picked by Na’Vi. Astralis took the pistol but couldn’t hold up against the opponent in the following force-buy — 1-1. As they had an economic edge over the Danes, Natus Vincere increased their lead to 5-1. The CIS squad was in the driver’s seat for the rest of the first half, so it led them to an 11-4 victory before the side switch. 

After joining the CT-side, Na’Vi won the pistol and anti-eco, while Astralis answered by taking away the first gun-round — 13-5. At a 13-6 mark, Natus Vincere had a successful force-round due to an AWP triple-kill from Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, and after that, Astralis stroke back with another win — 14-7. However, Astralis didn’t earn a single point going further, so Na’Vi closed out the map 16-7 in their favor.

The game resumed on Cache, which is usually a permanent ban for Na’Vi. The last time Natus Vincere played this map on LAN was at EPL S7 Finals against Heroic. Back then, they were defeated with an 11-16 result.

Kicking off the map on the CT side, the Danish five bounced back from a 0-3 start to 3-3, but later on, Na’Vi stole the lead once again — 5-3. After that, Astralis finally came back into the game and won all the rounds that were left in the first half, obtaining a two-fold advantage — 10-5. The Danes tried to conquer the A site in a fast manner during the second pistol, but it didn’t bring them any success. Natus Vincere used the moment appropriately and reduced the gap to 10-8.

Nonetheless, Astralis didn’t allow the rival to seized the initiative as they won a very important round with having only pistols on their hands. A triple-kill by Magisk with Desert Eagle was quite helpful in that case — 11-8. Soon enough, the Danish squad earned seven map-points and effectively used one of them to reach a 16-9 mark.

Dust II was the decider for this match. After winning the first buy-round, Na’Vi took the lead going forward, 3-2, but it wasn’t for too long as Magisk assisted Astralis in winning an eco and, following that, tying the score — 3-3. It was a crucial round in the first half because since that moment the Danes didn’t lose a round before their CT showing was over — 12-3. Natus Vincere won the second pistol, but it wasn’t enough. Right after that, Astralis had another win-streak and eventually finished the game 16-4. 

Distribution of the prize money at BLAST Pro Series: Lisbon 2018:

  • • 1st place — Astralis ($125,000)
  • • 2nd place — Natus Vincere ($50,000)
  • • 3rd place — Cloud9 ($25,000)
  • • 4th place — MiBR ($15,000)
  • • 5th place — FaZe Clan ($10,000 + $20,000 for winning BLAST Pro Standoff)
  • • 6th place — Ninjas in Pyjamas ($5,000) declared Emil "Magisk" Reif as the most valuable player at BLAST Pro Series: Lisbon. His HLTV KDR estimated to be 1.39 after the eight maps he has played at this event.