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ALLIN will fight at the LAN-finals of CIS Minor

Quantum Bellator Fire and ALLIN entered a battle for a right to perform at the LAN-finals of the CIS Minor. We'd like to remind you that in the by-past matches QB.Fire overwhelmed Devious, while ALLIN won over Enso.


ALLIN gained the upper hand on the first map

At first, the teams entered the fight on de_dust2 — a choice of ALLIN. They kicked off with a highlight reel, picking up six rounds at a run. Then QB.Fire stopped the opponent's winning streak, but the chopper's squad has immediately retook the control back to their hands and went on, gaining points. Quantum Bellator Fire managed to put on their board only one round more and the first half was finished with [13:2] in favor of ALLIN.

CT-sided, the leader of a meeting secured three rounds in a row, thus getting a confident victory on the first map [16:2].


Quantum Bellator Fire failed to deal with the opponent

The following battlefield was a map de_train. T-sided, ALLIN overpowered the opponents in the pistol's and following two rounds. Quantum Bellator Fire managed to give a decent response, but the game was still led by ALLIN. The victory in the first half was picked up by the keshandr and company [12:3].

After a changeover, QB.Fire managed to perform a comeback, leveling the score at [13:13]. After that, the players from ALLIN analyzed their mistakes and secured the victorious rounds [16:13].


A final stage of the tournament will be held within the Game Planet — a festival of esports, computer games and cosplay, taking place on November 12-13 in Saint Petersburg.

In the upcoming match of Group «D», Quantum Bellator Fire will fight against Enso. Watch the live stream on our twitch-channel StarLadder5.