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ALLIN — the champions of StarLadder Minor Championship: CIS

In a fight for the champions' cup of StarLadder Minor Championship: CIS, Team Spirit faced ALLIN. It's worth noting that within the tournament these teams had been already playing against each other and the clash was finished with the victory of Team Spirit.


ALLIN overwhelmed the opponents on the first map 

The first battlefield was a map de_cache. ALLIN made it with an imperious start, picking up five rounds at a run. Then DavCost & company interrupted the enemy's winning streak, but still failed to retain the control. Over time, players of ALLIN eased their grip and let the rivals slightly cut down the backlog. Despite this, the first half was finished in favor of the chopper's squad [10:5].

The second pistol-round and anti-eco were secured by Team Spirit, but the further game was dictated by their opponents. ALLIN gathered the sufficient number of points and triumphed on their pick [16:8].


Team Spirit secured the second place at the CIS Minor

After a break, the countering was resumed on de_dust2. From the first minutes, ALLIN took hold of the initiative, not letting the opposing team to re-seize the control. At the mark of [8:0], Spirit found a key to the opponent's defense, putting on their board five points more, till the end of the first half [5:10].

T-sided, Team Spirit managed to withstand the enemy's onslaught, then reaching them over some time [10:10]. Despite this, the ALLIN's players discussed their further actions and realized a range of six winning rounds, gaining the upper hand in this countering [16:10].


Eventually, ALLIN gets the trophy of StarLadder Minor Championship: CIS, as well as a cash prize of $30,000. We'd like to remind you that the both teams have secured slots in the ELEAGUE Major: Closed Qualifier.