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Alliance are in Grand Final!

A wonderful atmosphere, roar of the crowd and lots of fans met the teams at the stage of the Minsk Arena stadium! The viewers were waiting for a spectacular battle of the two European teams.


Most viewers at the stadium looked forward d2_sw Alliance — posters, cheers and loud applause followed the Swedes after every successful move of theirs.

Having such a huge support.of the stadium, d2_sw Alliance got into the zone and started to do away with the rivals. Both maps ran following the similar scenario, in which the Swedish five played almost perfectly. Only on the first map their confident play failed once, but, eventually, it did not stop them from getting a victory.

Безымянный (12)

It seemed as though the lack of experience of some Liquid players at the LAN Final was in evidence, and on the second map they looked even worse. The diagrams were growing to the side of  d2_sw Alliance, who had become unstoppable. At the 30th minute d2_nl Liquid lost their last barrack and nothing they could do, but write «GG»!