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Fix of crouch-jump bug and Tec-9 changes will be in the next update

It has finally happened! The developers of CS:GO payed their attention to the absurd situation with the crouch-jump, which was providing some sort of a WallHack in a definite places on maps and prepared a fix of this gap in the upcoming update.

Crouch-jump — a bug with the jump, which lets remain unnoticed behind a small obstacles (like a «pit» on the А-plant Inferno), thus receiving an information about the location of enemy. It works in the following way: a player sits behind an obstacle (high enough to perform a crouch-jump), jumps, unpresses the button of sitting in the mid of jump and sees everything in fron of him, but still remains invisible for the opponent. 

You can see an example of how it works in the following movie:

Besides, Valve also got back to the pistols' reworking, which will help to balance the game. Starting with Tec-9, the developers want to remake the pistols in the way, which let their usage and efficiency depend only on the player's skill. However, that kind of changes have been announced only for Tec-9.

The full list of changes of the upcoming update in CS:GO, releasing on August 8th, looks as follows:

  • Shipping initial changes to pistols with the goal of emphasizing skillful use of the weapons, beginning with the Tec-9.
  • Tec-9: The Tec-9 has been adjusted to emphasize aiming while retaining the weapon’s high mobility. The current changes include:
    • slightly improved accuracy when taking a single shot
    • significantly reduced accuracy when firing rapidly
    • magazine and reserve ammo reduced to 18 and 90, respectively
  • Extended the existing camera height restriction system to include cases where a player is in the air, preventing the first-person camera from rising above their third-person head.
  • Players will now make a landing sound if they un-crouch while crouch-jumping.
  • Fixed several inconsistencies where sounds were not broadcast when a player was occluded by a wall. (Thanks, simpleavaster!)

It's still worth noting that this update will be available in the main client of CS:GO only on August, 8th. Now it's available in BETA-client in version «1.35 9.7-rc1 -». You can join the testing in the following way:

  • press Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in your Steam-library with the right button of mouse;
  • pick a section «Properties» in the window of «Beta-version»;
  • find a line «select the beta you would like to opt into», click on it, choosing «1.35 9.7-rc1 -».