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Regional Minor Championship: CIS finished


CIS Minor: VwS prevailed over RoX

The second gaming-day of the final stage of StarLadder Minor Championship: CIS was kicked off with a crucial match between VwS and RoX.


VwS defeated TORNADO.ROX

A countering took place on de_overpass. T-sided, the Lithuanian squad started gradually gaining an advantage and carried a streak of eight victorious rounds. The Russians managed to break up the shutout [1:8], but RoX have immediately retook the control. Losing out only two points within the first half, VwS went for a changeover with [13:2].

After a switch-over, the balance of power on the map has hardly changed. The Lithuanians prevailed in the pistol and following two rounds, thus gaining the upper hand in the countering [16:2].


We'd like to remind you that tomorrow you will have an opportunity to watch the clashes among your favorite teams with your own eyes. CIS Minor is held within the festival of esports, cosplay and computer games — Game Planet. Here you can buy a ticket.