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Regional Minor Championship: CIS finished


CIS Minor: Team Spirit advance to the Playoffs

A fight for a second ticket to the stage of Playoffs at the Regional Minor Championship: CIS was held between Team Spirit and Tengri, who managed to gain upper hands in their first matches. 


Spirit — the second confirmed participant of the Playoffs

The meeting took place on de_cache. CT-sided, the Kazakh squad prevailed over the rivals in four rounds, but then Spirit secured the first point [1:4]. Soon, Team Spirit retook the initiative and evened the score, not letting the opponents strengthen the economy [6:6]. However, Tengri have eventually picked up the first half, losing no single round more [6:9].

After a switch-over, the Kazakhs won the second pistol-round and following anti-eco's, but still were defeated in the device one [7:12]. Then, Spirit carried a winning run, which lasted for five rounds and brought the squads to a temporary draw [12:12]. Getting two match-points, Team Spirit realized a final one and victoriously paragraphed the match at [16:14].


Team Spirit becomes the second team at CIS Minor, who secured an advance to the Playoffs. In turn, Tengri are up to fight for a second ticket to the following stage of the tournament in the tomorrow's Decider-countering.

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