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Regional Minor Championship: CIS finished


Three teams being disqualified

Teams from all corners of the CIS region joined the fight for tickets to the offline qualifiers for Regional Minor Championship: CIS, which were played out after a few qualifiers. During several weeks our stern judges were paying close attention to execution of the championship's rules. However, they are hardly aware of every account, which may be used by the participants of the tournament. Nevertheless, when a disputable situation takes place, the administration always addresses a request to representatives of Valve. According to the investigation, three teams were caught breaking the 1.3 paragraph of the rules, which says: «Players ever getting the VAC-Ban in CS:GO mustn't be allowed to take part in the tournament». Thus, the following teams have been disqualified: MizaPro, eXplosive and TSY.

Team eXplosive being suspended from taking part in all StarLadder tournaments

The situation with teams TSY and eXplosive didn't cause any outcry, but MizaPro didn't want to surrender without putting up a fight. Representatives of the team made a real riot on social network, where they tried to demand justice. Nevertheless, an official answer by representatives of Valve is the most significant for us in this kind of questions.

Valve's answer to StarLadder's request:

«...Our records indicate that these 3 Steam accounts are used by Denis Kanukov and, given the CSGO VAC ban, he is inelligible to participate in any Valve events. Mizapro would therefore be disqualified from this event and the organization and remaining players are ineligible to compete in this or any other upcoming Minors or the upcoming Major, regardless of their team. If they have any questions then they should contact us...»

«...Mikhail Lakhvich is not eligible to participate in Valve sponsored events. eXplosive and all other players of the roster must be disqualified until end of the ESL Cologne 2016 circuit of Valve sponsored tournaments...»

«...Upon review David is not eligible to participate in Valve events due to a previous CSGO VAC ban and his team cannot participate in the Cologne Major or the Minors leading up to it...»

Unfortunately, the summer Major and its qualifying Minor became a real catastrophe for the CIS scene. Many young teams had taken promising new players before the beginning of the qualifiers, not having done needed work with them. The main coach of the tournament's comments:

«Unfortunately, today we have to say good-bye to three, already former, participants of the qualifying stage of StarLadder Regional Minor Championship: CIS.

  • Mizapro, eXplosive, TeamSwagYolo - organizations and all players of these teams will be disqualified from any tournaments under the aegis of Valve until the end of ESL One Cologne Major;
  • Players involved into the investigation get the permanent ban on all tournaments powered by Valve and StarladderTV for having the VAC Ban in CS:GO;
  • From today until 01.09.2016 all players of these three teams won't be able to take part in any tournaments of the StarladderTV series.

We also want to address to other players of the teams: «You are responsible for the players joining your team. Next time the organizations representing such teams will be sanctioned, too. The management's work is not only to find talents, but to check their past».

Players with the permanent ban:
  •  Denis «m0z» Kaniukov;
  •  Mikhail «S3mig0d» Lakhvich;
  •  David «dave» Gasparian (Tereshyn).

The offline qualifiers of Regional Minor Championship: CIS, which will be running during four days in the congress hall of the Double Tree hotel (Russia, Moscow), will take place on 28 April. You will be able to watch all matches of the tournament live on streams by the studio. Eight participants will compete for the prize fund of $50,000, and also a slot in the closed offline qualifier for the next Major tournament, which will take place in Cologne (Germany) from 5-10 July in Lanxess-Arena. We'll see who will be the one getting the slot in the final stage of the tournament. Follow the news on our website!