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Regional Minor Championship: CIS finished


Closed qualifier of Minor tournament to start tomorrow

It's time for battles within the closed qualifier for Regional Minor Championship: CIS. During thee days, beginning from this Monday, 8 winners of the open qualifiers and 8 invited by organizers teams will compete for 2 slots in the next stage.


As it's been announced before, the total prize fund of the Minor championship is $50,000. In addition to this, a winner will also get a slot in the closed offline qualifier for the next Major tournament, which will take place in Cologne (Germany) from 5-10 July in Lanxess Arena.

System of the closed qualifier:

Games of this stage will run online. At first sixteen teams will be divided into 4 groups of 4. The group stage will run from 18-19 April in the GSL system. The A and B groups will fight on the first day, while the C and D ones will go up against each other on the following day. All matches will be played in the BO1 format.

Group А Group В
FLG eXplosive
TSY  Elusiv
Insane  NPME
Group С Group D
Enso Vesuvius
BinaryDragons.Gold TEMPEST
Baghlan Hardmix
MBS Infernal.paradise

The deciders will take place on 20 April, in which teams taking the first places will face off against those who will take the second one. In total we will see 4 BO3 matches, the first of which will start at 17:00 CET, while the following ones - at 20:00 CET.

A detailed match schedule will be published on our website very soon. Follow the news and stay tuned!