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Dota 2

The Kiev Major finished

The Kiev Major

OG are the champions of The Kiev Major

The European team OG prevails over in the grand finals of The Kiev Major, entering the history of Dota 2 as a four-time Major-champions. 

OG Dota 2

The first map started in a pretty calm manner: OG and VP were waiting for Blink Dagger to arrive for their Batrider and Ursa, avoiding the team-fights. As soon as teams got a possibility to initiate, the players of picked up a few clashes and took the lead.

The CIS-squad was following the pace being set and soon increased an advantage in gold up to sixteen thousands. However, not losing hope, OG managed to turn the tide of the game: the EU-squad needed only a few mistakes from 《The Bears》 to bounce back. In the late-game VP lost the control over the situation and lost a few important team-fights, thus being forced to capitulate on the 49th minute.

Results of the first map

In the second game, managed to play back. In order to do that, the CIS-squad had to change their map-pool dramatically: No[o]ne went on, playing on Ursa, while RAMZES666 changed for Terrorblade.

This map was held by the same scenario, as the previous one. On the stage of mid-game VP secured the initiative and kicked off a winning run, but then OG decided to bounce back. However, this time 《The Bears》 did the best of their fights. At first smashed all enemy's buildings on the central and bottom lanes, keeping the opponents on their base, and then even performed the final attack, in which the Terrorblade with the rune of double damage left OG no chances for a victory.

Results of the second map

On the third map, the upper hand was gained by again. A fortunate start was guaranteed by the Lil's ganks, who was skillfully performing on Night Stalker. VP gained an advantage, won all first team fights and soon destroyed one OG's side. continued their domination and, due to the well-farmed core-heroes Lifestealer and Dragon Knight, stopped every OG's attempt to come back to the game. On the 49th minute, the team of n0tail gave up after another team-wipe.

Results of the third map

In the fourth game OG, for the first time in the BO3-series, started better than VP. The European team won the laning-stage, while in the first team fight on the 13th minute made «-4», without any loss from their side. OG went on, leading the game, while the crushing damage of Terrorblade guaranteed a quick demolishing of the towers.

Entering the high-ground on the 33rd minute, OG, from the second try, punched through the defence of and destroyed the barracks on the enemy's central and upper lanes. In the last fight, VP lost their core-heroes without a chance of buyback and wrote «GG».

Results of the fourth map

The decider-map started with leading the game. Alchemist by RAMZES666 has quickly farmed the stuff, while Lil on Enchantress was showing a phenomenal micro-control. Thanks to successful ganks, VP were ahead in score 10-2 on the 20th minute of the game.

Those were not the only problems of OG. were prevailing in all team fights, losing minimum from their side. OG interrupted their failing streak on the 39th minute, decently responding to the enemy: the Europeans won a clash nearby their upper shrine, that cost VP one barrack on the central lane.

Once OG have completely played back the log in networth and took the lead, keeping the enemy on their base. VP were defending, but still failed to stop OG, who felt power. On the 58th minute OG paragraphed this long-lasting countering.

Results of the fifth map

The players of team OG become the champions of The Kiev Major, winning a money prize of $1,000,000. In turn, guys from settle with the second place and $500,000.