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Hearthstone Global Games finished

Hearthstone Global Games

Hearthstone Global Games will gather teams from 48 countries

The Blizzard company has decided to diversify the formats of their Hearthstone tournaments with the World Cup among the national teams. This is not a new idea, but for the first time it will be embodied by the developers of the game.

Hearthstone Global Games

Teams from 48 countries will take place in the tournament. Each team will consist of 4 pro-players/ Format of the matches between the teams assumes that the captain will distribute 8 classes for 4 players, and the one whose class the captain chooses to play at the moment will sit at the table. Three remaining players can give hints to the player and communicate with him.

Hearthstone Global Games will begin with online, where teams will pass through 3 stages to determine 4 strongest teams, who will meet face-to-face on the LAN-finals.

Distribution of the prize pool:

1 place Player: $15.000 Team: $$60.000
2 place Player: $10.000 Team: $40.000
3-4 place Player: $5.000 Team: $20.000
5-8 place Player: $1.500 Team: $6.000
9-16 place Player: $1.250 Team: $5.000
17-48 place Player: $1.000 Team: $4.000


StarLadder studio will hold Russian-language broadcast of the tournament for the fans of Hearthstone. Broadcast channel:

Also, the tournament will be broadcasted with many languages:

English: Twitch – PlayHearthstone

Polish: Twitch – BlackFireIce

Spanish: Twitch – OGseries

French: Twitch – ArmaTeam

French: Twitch – Gamers Origin

Italian: Twitch – GamingArena

Italian: Twitch – Spaziogames

German: Twitch – C4mlann

Czech: Twitch – CzechCloud