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Hearthstone Global Games finished

Hearthstone Global Games

Don't miss the final battle of Hearthstone Global Games

Hearthstone Global Games tournament, which was started in April, is coming to its final phase. Only 4 teams left to find out who is worthy to wear the title of world champions. From August 25 to 26, national teams of Ukraine, United States, Czech Republic and South Korea will compete for the major prize in playoffs.

Hearthstone Global Games

Teams need to bring one deck for each of the nine Hearthstone classes, with two assigned to each team member and one reserved as an “Ace Deck”. Matches will be played in a best-of-seven format, with the first team to win four games taking victory. Players must first decide their team's order of play, but they’ll be able to choose between either of the two decks assigned to them once they've seen their opponents line-up.

Should a match reach game seven, the designated “Ace Players” from each team will face off using either an unused deck or the reserved “Ace Deck”.

You can watch Hearthstone Global Games matches on the following channels:


Hearthstone Global Games prize pool distribution:

  •  1 place - $ 60.000
  •  2nd place - $ 40.000
  •  3-4 place - $ 20.000
  •  6-8th place - $ 6000
  •  9-16 place - $ 5,000
  •  17-28 place - $ 4,000