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CSGO Female Stars Championship finished


FEMALE: What are the Secret's and HEAVEN's intentions?

Representatives of the European region at the offline-finals of Female Stars Championship have successfully arrived in St. Petersburg and are getting ready for the upcoming battle in full force now.

And while the «opening-match» will be kicked off in less than a day, we asked the players of Team Secret and Team HEAVEN a few questions, and they gladly agreed to give us the following detailed answers.


vilga told us about her team's mood

The first team to get in touch with us became Secret. The eminent Europeans have shared their impressions of St. Petersburg, the organization of Female Stars and named the criteria, according to which they've chosen the «stand-in».

— How, in your opinion, the absence of Michaela «mimi» Lintrup will affect the outcome of your team's game? Why did you choose to replace her exactly with Olya «[email protected]» Horoshilova?

Vilga: We are fully prepared to play with the «stand-in». There are four of us, and it is almost a whole team. We have been acquainted with Olga for quite a long time, as we've been playing together since the times of CS 1.6. She has always demonstrated great results, but it's the first time our path cross in the CS: GO. We've also considered Anastasia «Nast1a» Evdokina as a replacement, but later she had joined Team HEAVEN. Nevertheless, [email protected] and Nast1a are approximately at the same level of performance, so our chances are fair.

— Had any of your team's players been in St. Petersburg before? And if yes, so what were the impressions of the visiting?

Vilga: Apart from me, none of my teammates had ever been to Russia before. This tournament will be the first acquaintance with my country for them. They all wanted to come here and I'm very glad, they've finally managed to do it. Despite the fact that our team has had some difficulties with getting a visa, we all (except mimi) have successfully dealt with this problem. I hope that everything will be just fine.

— How do you like the Female Stars' organization? Were your expectations for the extent of the first female-tournament from StarLadder fully lived up?

Vilga: I'm happy about every championship, held for the girls. We have very few large events, just 3 or 4 during the entire year. When I learned that soon there will be a tournament by StarLadder in Russia, I was very excited about it. In general, the organization pays for almost everything needed for a comfortable stay in Russia. Furthermore, Female Stars will be held within the festival, where there will be a lot of people, and it's yet another advantage for the development of women's eSports. People will be able to get acquainted with it and see how it looks. Hopefully, it will be entertaining and on a massive scale.


Secret are fully ready to the upcoming contest

— None of the teams in the European qualifiers had managed to overcome you. So how, in your opinion, the CIS-teams will prove themselves?  

Vilga: We expect a decent fight from them, of course. Previously, we have met with them in online and offline matches. In the quarterfinals of Copenhagen Games 2016 female we had managed to overcome the current Reason Gaming, but we still haven't played with EYESPORTS at the LAN-tournaments yet. Nevertheless, in our tomorrow's match we will fight exactly against them, so we look forward to an interesting confrontation.

In turn, the German team also wasn't staying aside and gladly gave us an interview. Team HEAVEN told us about their main goals, estimated the contestants' chances of the final triumph and even revealed a few secrets.

— How was your flight to St. Petersburg?

HEAVEN: Our flight was really nice, and we’ve had a nice weather in Frankfurt when we’ve started, so we’ve had a smooth flight with less turbulence, just a little bit, when we came to St. Petersburg, because there were clouds and a little bit of thunders, so one of my teammates is also a little scared of flying and for her it was a little shock, but we’ve made it safe.


HEAVEN are going to do their best to reach the victory 

— For a match against which team you are preparing the most hard and which one of your competitors, in your opinion, has the greatest chance of the victory?

HEAVEN: Actually, we can’t wait to meet Team Secret again, because in the past we had some closed matches on other offline-tournaments against them and, I think, our biggest goal is to beat the and this time we are going to be really confident  and we’re going to try our best.

— Are you satisfied with the carrying system, the venue, and the tournament's organization in general?

HEAVEN: Yeah, well, everything is organized pretty good, so the picking up was great at the airport, and then we’ve came to this hotel and everything looked nice, then we’ve had a photo shooting, and everything went  smoothly, so are feeling well, we still have time to rest, so we can’t wait for tomorrow.

Do not forget that the stream of the decisive stage of Female Stars will be held on StarLadder_cs_en. In addition, we have provided you with a unique opportunity to take part in several competitions, organized specially during the female-championship in St. Petersburg. You can view the details of each of the draws here.