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CSGO Female Stars Championship finished


FEMALE: The final outcome

The first women's championship in CS:GO, organized by StarLadder was held during the 16-17th of July in St. Petersburg. The four strongest teams (according to the outcome of the qualifying stage) were fighting for the title of the champions of Female Stars, demonstrating an extremely high level of a game.


The venue of the tournament

We'd like to remind you that the matches of the tournament's final stage were held by the «Double Elimination» system, in the usual format of «best-of-three».

Team Secret and their another triumph

The European team has justified their leadership in the world-rankings of the female squads for the umpteenth time. Secret are the champions of Intel Challenge Katowice 2016 and Copenhagen Games Female 2016 and, thanks to the excellent performance at Female Stars, have picked up yet another victory. Despite the absence of Michaela «mimi» Lintrup, the team has still managed to deal with the rivals, having achieved the triumphal outcome. And as for the stand-in — Olya «[email protected]» Horoshilova — she has perfectly blended into the team and decently coped with her duties.

At first, the Europeans had to compete with EYESPORTS. Though Secret failed to beat the opponent on their pick, having lost out with a score of [14:16], they have eventually braced up and won a landslide victory on de_cbble [16:8] and de_train [16:9]. In the game for the right to reach the finals, we witnessed quite an equal fight: the European squad met with Team HEAVEN and lost the first map again [11:16], but they have still managed to prevail on de_train [16:14] and de_mirage [19:17] with a minimal advantage.


[email protected] became a decent replacement for Michaela Lintrup

In the final clash, Team Secret have overpowered Reason Gaming, thus having secured the title of the Female Stars Championship's winner.

Reason Gaming happened to be not strong enough

Reason kicked off with a highlight reel, having obtained a slot in the Playoffs, but they've still failed to take the top spot of the standings. Despite the efforts and decent performance, the Russian team didn't have the strength to prevail in the final confrontation.

In their first match the team was dealing with Team HEAVEN and lost with a score of [2:0] by the maps ([14:16] de_train / [12:16] de_cache), thus falling to the Lower Bracket. Their next opponents were EYEsports: the Russians were defeated on their choice — de_train [10:16], but they've still managed to rehabilitate on de_cobblestone [16:6]. The third map was also picked up by them [16:8]. In the semi-finals they were to play with the German mixture again. But, as it turned out, Reason had been prepared for such an outcome and, having prevailed on two maps, took revenge.


Reason have stopped one step away from victory

As mentioned earlier, the girls from Russia haven't withstood the onslaught of Team Secret and lost on two maps ([13:16] de_cobblestone/ [10:16] de_dust2), thus having finished second.

Team HEAVEN didn't make a splash

The German team has excellent game-skills, so during the qualifiers for the LAN-finals, Secret happened to be their only problem. In the final part of the tournament they were having difficulties dealing with the CIS-squads. It is worth recalling that the team was playing in the online-qualifier fully staffed, but Julia «Julie» Strunkowski failed to arrive in St. Petersburg and was replaced by Anastasia «Nast1a» Evdokina. It is possible that it was exactly the lack of teamwork with a new player that reflected badly on the HEAVEN's results.

Reason have triumphed in the battle against the German squad, but in the semi-final match of the Upper Bracket they were awaited by Julia «juliano» Kiran and her teammates. The game of the both teams was fairly equal, so the outcome of the match was decided on the third map. In opposition on de_mirage, the teams failed to determine the leader, so, only during the overtime, the European mixture has eventually managed to finish the started [19:17]. As a result, it was just a couple of rounds that separated HEAVEN from the grand-final.


The captain's guidance was insufficient 

The line-up under the lead of Ivelina «HellRose» Danova fell into the Losers' Bracket, where they had been already awaited by Reason Gaming, but this time the victory in «bo3-series» was seized by the Russian team ([16:11] de_cobblestone / [16: 8] de_cache).

EYESPORTS took the fourth line

The squad of Alyona «Candy» Kuvaeva has finished last, but, despite this, had showed quite good results. The girls have managed to prove that they really have a great potential.

Despite the defeat in the battle against Reason with a final score of [1:2], EYESPORTS have showed a decent game and proved to everyone that they shouldn't be underestimated. They also managed to impose the struggle to the winners of Female Stars Championship — Team Secret, having picked up one map, but they've failed to do anything more. If the Russian team train more diligently, in the nearest future they will be able to reach the heights of the CS:GO-scene.


 EYESPORTS failed to meet the fans' expectations

The prize pool distribution:

 Team Secret – $5,000 Reason Gaming – $3,000  Team HEAVEN – $1,000 EYESPORTS – $1,000

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