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CSGO Female Stars Championship finished


FEMALE: Team HEAVEN triumphed over Reason Gaming

The matches of Female Stars Championship are back on our screens! The games of the final part of the championship kicked off in Saint-Petersburg today. The first to enter the fight were Team HEAVEN and Reason Gaming. It's worth noting that Anastasia «Nast1a» Evdokina was playing for the German team instead of Julia «Julie» Strunkowski.


The first venue of the fight became de_train. Team HEAVEN prevailed in the first pistolround, but their contender had managed to realize a «forcebuy». The following four rounds were still picked up by Reason. The German squad had secured an initiative for a while, having replenished their bank with two more points. However, the line-up under the direction of Alexandra «RiLey» Ksenzik have re-seized the control and went for a switch-over with the double advantage [10:5].

CT-sided, Team HEAVEN have won the pistol and the next three rounds [10:9]. The Russian team didn't stop trying to get back on track and put on their board two more points. Despite this, the German mixture managed to equal the score and then even to reach the map-point. Reason have failed to cope with the increased stress and, eventually, Gina «Jinjin» Kleinen and her teammates have gained the upper hand on their pick [16:14].


The best players of de_train

The clash was resumed on de_cache — the choice of Reason Gaming. Team HEAVEN have won in the pistolround, but still have lost in the following one. Despite this, they've picked up the «force» in return, having started to increase their advantage. Only at [6:1], the Russian team has managed to interrupt the winning run of their opponent and, over some time, temporarily tied the game. However, the first half was finished with a minimal score gap in favor of the German team [8:7].

After the side-replacement, Team HEAVEN were still holding the initiative, having picked up five rounds in a row. Reason retook the control and tried to decrease the gap in a score, but their efforts happened to be not enough. The team, under the lead of Ivelina «HellRose» Danova have eventually braced up and put the enemy's pick on the board [16:12].


In the following «bo3-competition» will meet Team Secret and EYESPORTS. The stream of the match will be able on our twitch-channel Starladder_cs_en.