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SL i-League StarSeries: CSGO finished


Fnatic are New Champions of StarSeries!

Current champions of the Starseires Natus Vincere faced off against the Swedish fnatic five in the final of SL i-League StarSeries S14. As it had been expected, the match turned out to be just unbelievable! During the whole game the viewers were getting up from the seats to support the teams and were taking joy in rounds won by a favorite team and were getting upset, when the team was losing ones. So, how did such an important for the teams match run?


In 15 minutes before the match teams chose a list of maps by the crossing method. After spinning a coin the teams in turns cross out maps from the list. The teams chose only one map out of three remaining ones, and the last map becomes decisive in case when the teams play the first two in a draw.

Draft stage:
cache train inferno overpass dust2 cbble mirage
[03:16] de_dust2
[07:16] de_cbble
[00:00] de_mirage

The beginning of the de_dust2 map did not run well for Natus Vincere. Having lost a pistol round, they did not manage to bounce back even with the devices [6:0]. Fnatic lost the seventh round though, but the initiative was immediately gained back, and the Swedes continued their winning streak [10:1]. The Ukrainian team would often open the score in the game, but the Swedes would always be ahead of the times, so the first half ended with a devastating score of [12:3]. Having changed the side, Natus Vincere did not manage to adjust to the uncommon play of the rival, so the victory came to the fnatic team [16:3].


The meeting was continued on fnatic's pick de_cobblestone. The first pistol and two following rounds ended in Natus Vincere's favor. The Swedish team immediately answered the rival and turned the score in their own favor [5:3]. Fnatic kept taking the points and ended up with the double advantage in the score [10:5]. On the attack side, the Born to Win lost the pistol round to the Swedes again, and after that they did not manage to take the lead. Natus Vincere broke the defense of the opponent only twice, and, as a result, fnatic became the winners [16:7].


We want to give our thanks to all participants, viewers and to everyone, who took part in the organization of the tournament! Congratulations to the champions of «SL i-League StarSeries» S14!