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Dota 2

SL i-League StarSeries: Dota2 finished


Evil Geniuses are the first finalists!

These teams had already met each other within the group stage of the tournament. Then d2_us Evil Geniuses lost the race for the first place in the group. This time, a lot more is at stack, since the teams are fighting for a ticket to the LAN Final of the thirteenth season of SL i-League StarSeries!


d2_us Evil Geniuses started rather well. Although d2_us EG had more passive pick, each attempt of  d2_cn LGD to seize the initiative would end up with a total failure. The domination over all spots on the map and excellent team work let the world champions take the victory on the first map.


On the second map the teams chilled out a bit and started to play more carefully. During a long period of time the advantage was being taken by both teams in turns, but, in general, d2_cn LGD were the one to have it. The crucial moment was the fight at d2_us EG's tower, in which the Chinese destroyed the lion's share of the enemy's heroes. In return came the series of buybacks and the Americans managed to take away some part of the advantage from d2_cn LGD.

Unfortunately, it was still not enough for d2_us EG. One more successful fight started by the Chinese team ended up with the Rampage by Maybe and a loss by d2_us Evil Geniuses on the second map.


The decider followed almost the same plan. The only difference was that all initiative would come from d2_us Evil Geniuses. During the early stage, d2_us EG managed to ruin the entire game of the rival's main carry. The constant pressure by the world champions with every minute would bring them closer to the sacred victory.

At the 28th minute d2_cn LGD's base started to burn and nothing they could do stop it. d2_us Evil Geniuses reach the grand final of the tournament!