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ELEAGUE Season 2 finished


ELEAGUE S2: dignitas will fight with fnatic

The next teams to enter the battle within Group «D», were Team EnVyUs and dignitas.


dignitas dealt with the French squad

The teams were fighting on de_cobblestone. The Frenchmen picked up the pistol-round, but the Danes managed to realize a force-buy, starting the winning streak, which lasted up to the mark of [7:1]. Then EnVyUs re-seized the control and began to reduce the backlog, however the first half was still finished with an advantage for dignitas [9:6].

After a changeover, the French squad reached the opponents [9:9], but then the Danes managed to cope with an onslaught, moving ahead. The squads have swapped the rounds for a few times more, but dignitas strengthened the positions and, thanks to their high-class game for the defense, secured a victory on Cobblestone [16:12].


In the following match, the Danish five will face fnatic. In order to be always kept up-to-date about the latest news from ELEAGUE S2, stay tuned to our site.