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ELEAGUE Season 1 finished


ELEAGUE: Virtus.Pro will accompany mousesports

An early Saturday morning was marked by the meeting between Virtus.Pro and Ninjas in Pyjamas. The Swedish team has secured the first place in Group B, thus having advanced to the Playoffs. The Poles, in turn, have passed a thorny way through the LCQ bracket.


The opening map of the match was de_dust2 — the choice of NiP. Having performed quad-kill, Filip «NEO» Kubski, has greatly contributed to his team's victory in the pistol-round. The following four rounds were also picked up by the Polish five. At the mark of [5:0] the Swedes have managed to break up the shut out by replenishing their «bank» with two more points. Then VP have retaken the initiative and went on increasing the gap. Only at the end of the first map, Ninjas in Pyjamas have improved their position for a little bit, reaching the point of [6:9]. 

Despite the failed pistol-round, the Swedish team has realized the force-buy. Having lost two rounds, Virtus.Pro strengthened the positions, but NiP have never stopped trying to break through their defense. However, the efforts of Ninjas in Pyjamas proved to be insufficient, so the Polish team has eventually gained the victory on the rival's pick [16:8].


The comparison of the NEO's and f0rest's statistics after de_dust2

The game was resumed on de_cobblestone — the choice of Virtus.Pro. They have won the pistol-round, but Ninjas in Pyjamas have captured the initiative and started to actively gain points. Only at the mark of [6:1] the Poles have found a way to interrupt the opponents' winning run, getting to them as close as possible [5:6]. However the Swedish line-up has ended the side in their favor [9:6].

After a small break, VP gained the upper hand in the pistol and following two rounds, thus leveling the score [9:9]. Ninjas in Pyjamas have failed to overpower the rival in the device-round, so the Polish team went on gaining points. Time and time again, Virtus.Pro were hitting the enemy's defense and, as a result, put de_cobblestone on the board [16:9].

Thus, the Polish squad advances to the semi-final stage, where they will have to fight against mousesports already the next week. Follow the latest news on our site.