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ELEAGUE Season 1 finished


ELEAGUE: The highlights of Group A

After a few days of the rough gaming struggle in Turner Broadcasting Studio, the public was apprised of the names of the victors and losers. The first place - the winner of the final match - will go straight to Playoffs, and the last team - will leave the tournament for good.


Thousands of viewers from all around the world were witnessing the start of ELEAGUE

However, thanks to the brackets of the LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier), teams, who've taken the 2nd and the 3rd lines of the rankings, still have chances to succeed.

Luminosity came out victorious again

The Brazilian line-up, once again, demonstrated the high-class CS, to the level of which, none of the participants of Group A could be even compared. During the struggle on 11 maps, within the confines of ELEAGUE, LG've been defeated only once. It's happened in a tense «bo3-series» against Cloud9, in which the North American squad still hasn't reached the desired triumph.


Luminosity Gaming — the first participant of  the Playoffs

At the end of MLG Columbus 2016, where the Brazilians proved to be the strongest, the team, leading by Gabriel «FalleN» Toledo managed to seize two new trophies. It is referred to the LG's superiority in the LAN-finals of DreamHack Austin in 2016 and ESL Pro League S3, for the victory in which they've earned $250,000. You will recall that the sum is equal to the amount of the prize pool in one of the last Major's, which had been held before MLG.

So far, things are going in the best way possible for Luminosity. They've easily defeated one Australian and two American line-ups, but in the future they are awaited by the hugely more experienced rivals. Natus Vincere, Astralis, fnatic and many other European teams are ready to struggle for the title of champion of the first season of ELEAGUE.

And if the Brazilian team wants to replenish its trophy room with the yet one cup, they will have to show much more of that we've seen within the frameworks of competition among the Group A.

Cloud9 called at the one step left to the victory

Despite the incredible efforts and the powerful CS, the North American squad still hasn't reverberated, although being way too close to it. But we can't miss the point that the team is kicking into gear. It is quite possible that soon we will see the same Cloud9, who reached the finals of the advanced LAN-tournaments, including: ESWC 2015, ESL ESEA Pro League S1 and DreamHack Valencia 2015.


Alec «Slemmy» White as a captain of C9, strengthens the line-up

Recently, the North American team decided to make some changes in the line-up. Due to the disappointing results of Ryan «freakazoid» Abadir that halted the progress of Cloud9, he was replaced by the 25-year-old Alec «Slemmy» White, who had previously played for ex-ObeyAlliance. The young American has taken the role of «IGL» (in-game leader), that allowed Jordan «n0thing» Gilbert throw the captain's duties off, devoting more time to the individual training.

The first achievement of a new new roster became the 3-4 places at DreamHack Austin in 2016, where the barrier on their way to the championship became the compatriots of LG - Tempo Storm. And despite the fact that Cloud9 were defeated by Team Liquid on the recent LAN-Finals of ESL Pro League S3, they haven't faced the similar problem within the confines of ELEAGUE. Liquid and Renegades haven't demonstrated any strong repulse, so C9 managed to leave them behind quite effortless. Nevertheless, Cloud9 were defeated in the matches with Luminosity twice: firstly in the group stage, and then in the final confrontation.

Thus, the team from the North America will continue its performance in the LCQ brackets, where it'll have a chance to rehabilitate itself and advance to the Playoffs. And if C9 don't want to stop there, they will have to analyze their mistakes and show maximum impact, because they are awaited by the hugely higher competition in the Last Chance Qualifier.

The unassured success of Renegades

The Australian team has been experiencing problems with stability in the results for a long period of time. After the change of an organization in the last June, Renegades had been considered one of the most promising CS:GO-teams. However, the movement to the USA, thanks to which the Australians have joined the list of the line-ups of North American region, still hasn't made any necessary adjustments to their game.


The potential of players from Renegades still isn't exploited to capacity

Renegades have already missed a number of prime championships, including the last two Majors (DreamHack Cluj-Napoca in 2015 and MLG Columbus 2016), and since then have not improved their own performance. Moreover, the decision to replace Luke «Havoc» Paton by Karlo «USTILO» Pivac, still hasn't brought the desirable changes. Perhaps ELEAGUE will be the last chance for Australians to show their willingness to win to the whole world, but they haven't used it yet.

In the opening match, Renegades couldn't cope with the pressure of Luminosity and lost both maps, among which was the failed de_train [0:16]. Then things for the Australian started to look promising and they surpassed Liquid in the «bo2-confrontation», thereby sending Americans to the fourth place of the rankings. The following two games (for the second place in the group and for getting into the finals) against Cloud9 again happened to be unlucky for Renegades: firstly the Australians tied the game, but during the most important match they didn't manage to demonstrate the same level of confidence in CS.

Eventually, RNG's stopped at the third place of the Group A, thereby securing a part in the LCQ. In order to continue their journey in the Playoffs, the Australian team should immediately begin the hardest trainings they've ever did, getting prepared for the upcoming battle, which will obviously be more difficult, than the previous one.

The failed performance by Liquid

There was also a surprise in the final results of the first group of ELEAGUE. Semi-finalists of the last Major — Team Liquid — failed their performance at the tournament in Atlanta, finishing on the last line of the tournament table. 1463062048.7442

Will Liquid regain the ancient glory? 

Resulting from the walkoff of Aleksandr «s1mple» Kostyliev at the end of DreamHack Masters Malmo in 2016, the organization's leadership returned to the active roster Eric «adreN» Hoag. Since then, the Liquid ceded the position of the strongest US-team, thus worsening their position in the global ranking of the best CS:GO-squads. Many mistaken, assuming that the reason for this «downgrade» was the resignation of Kostyliev. Prior to his arrival in the United States, Team Liquid consistently held the status of the top-first team in the North America and had a great future ahead.

However, while the Liquid continued to participate in the largest LAN-events (ESL Pro League S3, ECS S1, DreamHack Austin 2016), they were awaited by the utter failure on ELEAGUE. In the struggle against with Luminosity, Cloud9 and Renegades, USA-squad hasn't won any of the 8 played maps. Moreover, the line-up under the direction of Eric «adreN» Hoag found a way to be defeated by the opponents for a few times, having a crushing advantage at the end of the first half. There were no changes in the last game, where Liquid were knocked by the Brazilians for a second time.

As a result - the USA-team's stopped at the last place of the Group A. For this reason, Team Liquid are the first to leave the championship, finishing on the 19-24 place of the tournament table.


The struggle for the main prize is going on

Let us remind you, that it isn't the end of ELEAGUE matches! During the following week, starting from the 31st of May, the game will continue among the Group B. The new quartet of participants (Selfless, OpTic, NiP, G2) will struggle according to the same system, and only one of them is destined to advance to the Playoffs. Follow the further announcements on and you certainly won't miss the beginning of the upcoming fight.