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ELEAGUE Season 1 finished


ELEAGUE: NiP secured the first victory

After a few days of break, ELEAGUE has resumed on the screens of viewers! The opening match of Group A turned into the confrontation between Ninjas in Pyjamas and OpTic.


ELEAGUE - the 2nd LAN-tournament for OpTic with mixwell in their line-up

The game started on the map de_cobblestone - a choice of the Swedish team. As a result of successful attack in the pistol round, NiP forced the enemy to make two economic's. Due to this, it was easy as pie for the Swedes to come forward, thereby gaining the initial advantage of [3: 0]. The Canadian team managed to win in the device round, but the balance of forces on the map remained the same. In spite of the unforgivable mistake, losing out to the opponent against «full-eco», the Swedish squad has not ceased to increase the van. Despite all the attempts and tactics, the defense was unable to hold back the pressure of Ninjas in Pyjamas. Through the efforts of the Spanish Legionnaire - Óscar «mixwell» Cañellas - two more points have replenished the OpTic's treasury, but going to the side replacement, NiP had eleven rounds in the asset [11: 4].

T-sided, OpTic Gaming still hasn't managed to change the tide of the meeting, leaving a hope for a comeback. The continual «force-buy's» didn't change anything and NiP fought de_cobblestone out. [16:4] and the Swedish team gained confident victory on the first map.


The meeting continued on de_train - the OpTic’s pick. CT-sided, the Canadian team proved to be stronger in the pistol and a subsequent anti-eco round, thereby chalking up [2: 0]. Then NiP decided to make a purchase up to the empty pockets, which eventually proved its value [2: 1]. Opposing teams haven't been able to determine the strongest one for some time that resulted in the dead heat [3: 3]. However, after a range of starting rounds, the Swedes managed to take the initiative, starting to break away from the competitor [3: 7]. Till the end of the first half, Ninjas in Pyjamas were holding the leadership, effectively breaking through the enemy's defense. As a result - the Swedish squad gained a twofold advantage [5:10] before a short break.

After the switching sides, NiP didn't loosen their grip, winning the pistol round. Then, OpTic failed to perform the device rounds that helped the Swedish team to bring the map to the «match-point» [5:15]. Before the end of de_train, the Canadian line-up made an attempt to return to the game, reducing the distance to [15:10], but the last word still had Ninjas in Pyjamas. As a result, - [10:16], and NiP emerged victorious on the second map.

Screenshot_7 Stream of the following match — G2 vs Selfless — will be able on the twitch-channel StarLadder 5.