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ELEAGUE Season 1 finished


ELEAGUE: Na`Vi and Echo Fox have leveled the game

The meeting between Na`Vi and Echo Fox has kicked off the countering within the confines of Group E. For both teams it was the first game and a chance to demonstrate a great start on ELEAGUE.


The line-up of Natus Vincere before the match

The confrontation has begun with the map de_train. Echo Fox have won the pistol and next two rounds. Na`Vi took over the initiative and leveled the score [3:3] for a while, and then completely forged ahead. The North American team retook the control, making overtures to the opponent [5:6]. Despite this, the CIS-squad has gained the upper hand in the first half with a double lead [10:5].

After the switchover, Natus Vincere went on dominating their opponents. Having missed only one round, Danylo «Zeus» Teslenko and his teammates have picked up de_train [16:6].


After a short break, the teams have resumed their countering on de_dust2, where Echo Fox have implemented a range of five winning rounds. After that Na`Vi have managed to break up the shut out [5:1], but the Americans have retaken the lead, continuing to score points. At around [10:1] Natus Vincere have proved to be able to break through the enemy's defense, having picked up two points. The North American squad went to change over with a score of [12:3].

Thanks to the excellent game with «usp-s», Denis «seized» Kostin has performed the quad-kill, thus making a great contribution to the Na'Vi's victory in the pistol round. The next three rounds have also gone into their assets. Then, the opponent has temporarily taken over the initiative, but Natus Vincere have continued to show «comeback». At [13:11] Echo Fox took a strategic pause in order to discuss their further actions. Gathering strength, the Americans have scored the necessary for the triumph rounds, taking the second map [16:11].


In the next match will meet FlipSid3.ESP and mousesports. You will be able to see the stream on our twitch-channel starladder5.