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ELEAGUE Season 1 finished


ELEAGUE: Na’Vi and mouz drew a tie

The game between Na'Vi and mousesports has finished the first match-day of Group E on ELEAGUE. Both teams had began the game on equal terms, as, according to the standings, their opening matches against Echo Fox and F3 had, respectively,  ended with a draw.


The detailed process of «map-pick»

The confrontation has begun with the map de_mirage. Despite the defeat in the pistolround, mousesports have proved to be able to realize a «force-buy» in return, thus changing the tide of the meeting. Na'Vi were regularly making missteps in the defense, which were effectively seized by the German mixture. The tactical pause after [1:8] has helped the CIS-team to brace up, having reduced the gap in the score to five points [5:10].

After the changeover, mouz have managed to interrupt the opponent's winning run, gaining the upper hand in the pistol and next three rounds [5:14]. The comeback of Natus Vincere was immediately stopped by mousesports, so their bag was replenished only by one «force-buy». [6:16] and the German squad has defeated Na'Vi on de_mirage.


The match has resumed on de_cobblestone. T-sided, the CIS-team has won the pistol and two anti-eco rounds, seizing the initial advantage [0:3]. mousesports has managed to win in the force-buy, but Na'Vi didn't allow them to take the lead. The CIS-squad has repeatedly punched the enemy's defense, increasing the gap in a score. mouz have failed to cope with the competitors' onslaught and gave way the first half with a crushing score of [3:12].

The German team was trying to get back on track, having beaten Natus Vincere in three more rounds. Nevertheless, Na'Vi didn’t lose the lead and soon locked down de_cobblestone. In the end — [6:16], and the second map was put on the board of the CIS-mixture.


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